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Do you want to be a reviewer?

Reviewers do not need past reviewing experience; you will be guided through the process by our editorial team, and we will provide you with a framework to help you evaluate submissions.
Submissions will be assigned in mid-February based on areas of expertise, and reviewers will have about one month to complete their revisions.
How many submissions do you think you'll be able to review? *

Note: this isn't a hard-and-fast commitment, just to give us a sense of your availability.
One submission will likely take a few hours to review.
What are your areas of interest? *

What disciplines are you studying or familiar with, and how much experience do you have?
Most majors, minors, or specializations would likely fit here.
e.g., chemistry, psychology and cognitive science, economics
What are your areas of specialization/concentration? *

What sub-disciplines or fields do you have expertise in or would be more comfortable assessing?
Answers to this question will likely be more specific than above.
e.g, materials chemistry, behavioural neuroscience and belief modelling, taxation and econometrics
How familiar are you with the peer review process? *

Remember, you don't need past reviewing experience; we'll train and support you through the process!
1: not at all confident: all I know is what I've read here, but I'm willing to learn!
4: somewhat confident: I'm somewhat familiar with the process/I've peer reviewed one or two times before
7: very confident: I've peer reviewed or assessed work many times before!

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